Top 4 Ways To Monetize Your Social Media Followers

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social media services have transformed business and marketing practices. Social media has connected millions of people and has given brands a platform to connect with their audience. Through social media services, these brands are able to compete and make money. Just look at Facebook marketplace. Social media is looking at ways to integrate e-commerce. So what does this mean for you? Additionally, what does it mean to monetize your social media followers? Check out these 4 ways on how social media services can help your brand grow.

Monetize Your Social Media Followers

1. Tutorials
Create a series on product tutorials or courses to educate your followers. There are examples of very successful makeup tutorial YouTubers that have been able to market themselves and sell their products to a large following. It can be possible to turn your social media audience into customers and supporters. Use social media to promote your brand and establish a following. By creating how-to videos and other tutorials, you can really engage with your audience and give them a way to experience your product or service.

2. Unveiling
Remember to be social on social media! Use social media platforms to give your viewers exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming products or services. Run ads on Facebook to entice potential customers with your products or service. Customers want to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out), so create urgency and exclusiveness in order to drum up excitement for your brand.

3. Video
Have you noticed that social media is littered with videos? It’s because it actually works. Video content is a marketing necessity. Customers will want explainer videos that showcase your product and give them something tangible. This could help them with purchases because instead of seeing just a picture of your product, they will see it in action. Additionally, join the Facebook Live train in order to connect with your viewers! Get people excited about your brand by using videos to engage with them.

4. Facebook Shop
Social media platforms are pushing towards e-commerce. They provide your business with a unique way to sell products online. Your viewers can buy your products directly from Facebook marketplace. Selling really has never been easier. Any brand or business can set up shop and sell through Facebook marketplace. This allows for direct engagement with your followers and for your business to capitalize on a social media presence.

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