Twitter and Your Brand

Connecting the community, as influencers.

It’s important for your brand to be active on Twitter. It is also equally important that you have the right social media services team helping you. Twitter is a great platform to show off your brand. You can bet it’s part of any serious social media services package. So get ready to learn some quick and easy tips on how to use Twitter effectively.

Twitter Bio
Twitter is all about being effective and concise. Their character limit forces you to post clever and captivating content. Make viewers want to follow your account. Twitter is such a great tool for reaching out to people, so use it to your advantage. Have your social media services team help you make your Twitter account go from being lame to being a must follow.

Profile Pic
That tiny photo is important. When you comment or post, that’s the image people will see of your brand. Make it count! Use a logo or whatever graphic you need that can get your brand across. If it’s something easily recognizable and stands out, then you have yourself a winner.

Cover Photo
The cover photo/header is a great visual tool for your Twitter profile. It basically grabs your audience’s attention when they are on your profile or if they preview your profile. Use it to promote a new product, have it display your brand’s mantra, or have your logo up. Just make sure to take advantage of this prime real estate space. And don’t be afraid to change your cover photo from time to time. Keep it fresh and engaging.

Consistently Tweet
It’s easy to setup a Twitter account. But maintaining one is a different story. You should tweet daily in order to show that your account is active. Also, make sure that you are posting great content. If you are posting just for the sake of posting, it will show. Let your followers know about great new product lineups, news, or anything else about your brand/industry.

Remember you are using a social media platform. So be social! Communicate and engage with your audience. That’s why Twitter is even here. Tweet, hashtag, and comment. Be active and reach out. Have your brand join the conversation so that followers and users know that your brand is active. This also lets them know that your Twitter account isn’t a placeholder to just say “hey we are on the Twitter too guys!”

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