Twitter Engagement 101: Learn How to Effectively Engage With Users Over Twitter

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Every brand is looking for how to best build their audience and how to boost user engagement. Remember that the key to social media is being SOCIAL! It is not enough to post it and forget it. You need to speak with your audience and to engage with them. Essentially, you want your customers to do all the heavy lifting. By that we mean creating content and engagement. If they tweet about your brand and get people to talk about it, then you have figured out social media. But, for the brands that are struggling, do they understand how social media marketing works? Are they aware of how you must worship the “Algorithm” and bend to its every will. Because, brands that are successful at social media marketing, specifically on Twitter, understand this. But, fear not! Your brand can also successfully learn how to harness the power of the algorithm while learning about the powerful ways that social media marketing can have on Twitter engagement. Now get ready to learn about the power of the algorithm!

Twitter Engagement

The Twitter Algorithm
The Twitter algorithm is different than the Facebook algorithm, so keep that in mind. Think about Twitter as your immediate, up to date news feed, whereas Facebook is about showing older content that doesn’t necessarily happen right now. Twitter is essentially a news site where you want up to date tweets. Now, to understand this machine, you must know the two main ingredients of your Twitter feed. Your timeline and “in case you missed it.” Just like Facebook, your timeline is no longer in chronological order. Instead it is organized based on your interests as a result of the algorithm. However, it still tries to show you content based on a somewhat linear timeline. You may also occasionally see a tweet from someone that you don’t even follow!

The second ingredient is the “in case you missed it” portion of Twitter. These tweets are ones that you missed since your last login. The algorithm ranks these as important tweets that you might find useful. So, why are you seeing these two things? Well, Twitter wants to give you the best possible experience, based on relevant interests to you.

How Do You Get Your Tweets Seen?
Now the million dollar question, how can you get your tweet seen? Well there are a few things you can do. You can post regularly, find the relevant interests for your target audience, or become a credible source. These are all important steps in being seen. But, don’t forget about twitter engagement, the type of post, and the power of asking a question.

Engaging With Tweeters
You need to create content that users will want to see and comment on, like, or retweet. The higher the engagement level, the larger the reach it will have. This is important because it can also extend the lifetime of the tweet. Many tweets die before they even have a chance, but a tweet that has a lot of twitter engagement will be shown to more people and therefore keep the conversation alive. Also, don’t be afraid to be proactive in creating an engaging conversation. Seek out your best followers and start engaging with them in order to promote conversations that can spill over to your account.

Master the Different Types of Media Posts
If you are a fan of GIFs, then the algorithm will show you more GIFs. Same thing with videos and so on. Therefore, switch it up and post different media types that include graphics, videos, GIFs, etc. Make your profile a fun one with reaction GIFs and compelling content.

Learn To Ask More Questions
Use Twitter to ask questions! There are enough posts, spam bots, and lame tweets being shoved in front of users. Instead of telling users things, ask them questions. Use Twitter to be social and create two-sided conversations. Nobody likes to respond to a tweet only to feel like they are speaking with a robot and not a real human. Use these questions to create follow up conversations and opportunities to build up a rapport. Also, be sure to actually answer tweets from users. Don’t give out robotic or cryptic responses that may lead users to believe that you really don’t exist.

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