Twitter Marketing Features To Employ In 2017

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Twitter continues to be an essential social media marketing tool for many Tampa businesses. One way it manages this task is by tweaking existing features while adding new ones. Learn which Twitter marketing features are worth adding to your marketing mix for 2017…

#1: Pin a tweet.

This is a simple yet effective tactic to enhance your first impression beyond your bio and profile photo. Once you’ve pinned a tweet, it will remain as the first tweet on your page until you decide otherwise. Current promotions or special deals should always be pinned to the top of your Twitter profile. Just remember to remove them once they have expired!

#2: More flexible photo options.

Primarily a text-based platform since its inception, we were ecstatic when Twitter finally allowed images to be attached to tweets. It only had one hiccup – it would automatically crop any image that went longer than Twitter allowed. Luckily, this problem has been resolved.

Twitter no longer crops your images, instead allowing them to be seen as they were meant to be seen. Additionally, you’re now able to include up to four images per tweet. Just make sure all of your social media images are memorable before tweeting them out!

#3: Integrated GIF search.

If you’re serious about using social media marketing as a tool for your Tampa business, you should at least consider sprinkling a few GIFs amongst your tweets. Few could have predicted the raging popularity of these animated images which are used by celebrities, brands as well as our fellow tweeters.

Now that Twitter marketing features offers an integrated GIF search and post tool within every tweet, there’s no reason why you can’t get in on this trend. But before you do, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of your brand voice to ensure the GIFs you use are relevant to your brand identity.

#4: Customize tweet alerts.

Once you’ve started following a solid number of people on Twitter, your feed may start to become chaotic, making it easy to overlook the tweets most important to you. Twitter now allows you to track tweets from specific Twitter accounts by setting up a tweet alert. Once you’ve set an alert, an SMS text will be sent to you each time a new tweet has been posted from that particular Twitter account.

Social media marketing gives your Tampa business a much-needed edge in today’s competitive world. For more information about our digital marketing services, please contact our team at (888) 486-4130.