Twitter Stickers

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Adding personalized touches is nothing new to social media. Many platforms have added features to allow their users to better express themselves. Facebook allows you to personalize messages, comments, and images with Stickers. Snapchat lets you place emoji’s over your pictures. I think it’s safe to say people are drawn to these fun features that allow more of their personality to shine through in their images and communication.

Now, another social media platform is attempting to create their version of something similar. Twitter is experimenting with what they are also calling Stickers. The new feature is still in a test phase for a selected group of users.


The way Twitter Sticker’s works is a little different when compared to how Facebook’s Sticker feature operates. Users can add other images to their photos before they send out a tweet. Another interesting feature is that it will allow users to see how other people from around the globe have edited the exact same photo. It hasn’t been disclosed how Twitter will go about getting all these images. Perhaps there is a Pixabay or Flikr partnership in the near future?


As of right now, the name Sticker’s isn’t set in stone. Other options include “Stamptags,” “Stickits,” and “Taptags.” They are letting individuals participating in the trial vote for what name they think is the best fit.


This new feature will operate very similarly to how Twitter Camera operates. An app that Twitter created in 2015 that was only for celebrities.


For now, Twitter is still testing the feature, so no one yet knows when or if it will make it to users’ hands. It does show yet another attempt Twitter is making to move towards a more visual experience on the platform.