3 Twitter Tactics To Find More Customers

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Twitter is still one of the top social media platforms to promote your Tampa business and there are Twitter tactics to find more customers. It’s search capabilities are second to none, making it the ideal platform to find and engage with anyone, anywhere.

Unless you’re a social media guru, chances are good that you’re only using a portion of Twitter’s features. Once you know how to use Twitter to its full potential, including the ubiquitous hashtag, you’ll be amazed by the opportunities to reach potential consumers. Below, we introduce you to three of our favorite tactics for finding more customers on Twitter. You’ll find out how to use Twitter for business.

Twitter Tactics To Find More Customers

#1: Keyword Search

As we mentioned, Twitter was built on a robust search platform. Taking a little time to identify common questions your social media audience is asking will go a long way towards finding you qualified leads. Start by making a list of keywords and phrases that your customer is likely to be typing into a Twitter search. Don’t limit yourself to questions, think about commonly used statements. If you get stuck after finding a few keywords, try typing these into a Google search and looking at the additional suggestions at the bottom of the page.

When using the Twitter search feature, always opt for the advanced search over the basic one. Among other selections, an advanced search allows you to narrow your focus based on location and date. The more focused your search the better. Remember, there’s no need to promote your business via social media to Tampa residents if your business only services customers in Chicago.

#2: Twitter Ads

If you’ve been using this social network for a few years, you may recall their lead generation cards. A few smart businesses used these cards to successfully build their email lists. Although lead cards no longer exist, Twitter ads are a viable replacement option to find potential customers. It works similar to any other ad in that the copy and image must generate curiosity in your target audience, enticing them to click a website link. It’s crucial to have a fantastic giveaway – whether it’s an item to be won or content to be read. You never want the twitter user who is your customer to feel unsatisfied with their decision to trade their contact info for your giveaway.

#3: Live Video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the start of 2017, you know what a big deal live video has become in the digital marketing world. All of the big social media platforms are embracing it, and Twitter is no exception. After Twitter acquired Periscope, these live video features were integrated within Twitter. Use it to show your potential customers what it is that you’re offering. Introduce yourself and let customers get to know you. Consider using these additional Facebook live video strategies on Twitter as well as one of Twitter tactics to find more customers.

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