How To Use A Buyer Persona To Reach Your Real Customers

Connecting the community, as influencers.

If your buyer persona hasn’t been modified since it was first built, now’s a great time to refresh it! If you’re creating a customer character for the first time, please read on as well.

A buyer persona allows you to attract customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service. By connecting with your customer on a personal level, you’ll be learning exactly what matters most to him or her. The more specific you get about who your buyer is, the better off you’ll be.

But how do you do this? It all starts with asking the right questions. Here are a few to consider:

  • What causes our customers to have apprehension over buying our product or service?
  • What specific gain do our customers hope to achieve by purchasing our product or service?
  • What happens to our customer that causes them to purchase our product or service?
  • How does our customer weigh their choices and make the final decision to purchase our product or service?

Creating a persona is simple, once you’ve collected enough of the right data. Remember, you can develop buyer personas for who your customer ISN’T as well as who he or she IS. Each bit of information will bring you closer to your ideal consumer.

Once you have a deep understanding of your buyer, review all your marketing. Check opt-in forms to ensure they’re asking the best questions. Consider your buyer’s demographics, behaviors, lifestyle choices – anything that can provide insights into their wants and needs.

Tap your sales force for their knowledge on the consumer. Talk with your past customers to get their feedback – both negative and positive. Use email surveys or phone calls to understand their inner-most thoughts… What are they passionate about? What problems would they love to be rid of? What goals do they have?

Additionally, start using descriptive word phrases for your buyer’s personality traits. By visualizing his or her human characteristics, you and your team will be better able tolerate and connect. And that’s really what digital marketing is all about!

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