3 Ways to use Instagram Story Highlights to Promote Your Business

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Since December 2017, influencers and brands alike have been taking advantage of a new feature that allows users to curate and post story content directly to their profiles. Formerly known as Instagram Story Highlights, this feature enables account users to access, engage and convert their audience into a loyal following. The highlights are even displayed beneath a brand’s bio, presenting the perfect opportunity to place relevant content prompt and center in front of your viewers. By simply uploading curated content to your Instagram Story and then adding it to your highlight reel, you can begin categorizing content to optimize customer experience and create meaningful connections with your audience. Below, we discuss three innovative ways you can use this powerful tool to begin promoting your business.

Instagram Story Highlights

1. Highlight your products and services

Think of your Instagram story as a separate channel for your products and services. You can take advantage of this channel by sharing your latest products, services or features. Developing a consistent, distinctive narrative around your stories will connect users with your brand and inspire customer loyalty. If you have an Instagram business account with 10,000 followers or more, you’ll be able to add a link to your Instagram Story which allows users to swipe up and be re-directed to your company website. Add hashtags and a location to gain more visibility and reach. Last but not least, add the story to your Instagram Story Highlights so both visitors and followers can instantly tune into your messaging.

2. Drive more traffic to your blog posts

If you’ve taken the time to build your blog with highly engaging and compelling content, you’ll certainly find great value in adding your blog updates to your Instagram Story Highlights. Instead of letting your Instagram Story expire in 24 hours, add permanence to your updates by including them in an Instagram Story Highlight. Merely create a captivating visual and add a link to your blog post. If you haven’t hit the 10,000 followers mark to gain the swipe up feature, include the link to the blog post in your bio and detail where to find it in your story. Using the Instagram Story Highlights to promote your blog posts is an effective way to direct more traffic to your company site.

3. Give viewers an exclusive peak into your brand

Instagram Story Highlights are exceptional for humanizing your brand. Providing short glimpses into the many areas of your brand’s work life through a photo and video can emanate authenticity and form yet another special connection with your audience. A few ideas that are known to grow a following include showcasing your brand’s day-to-day operations, the creative process behind content creation, the unique facets of your company culture and even a warm introduction to the team members that keep your brand strong. Featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage of your brand in the Instagram Story Highlight will encapsulate its magic, creating a sense of intimacy between your brand and followers.

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