How To Use Reddit As A Content Marketing Strategy

Connecting the community, as influencers.

If you’re seeking a new way to promote your content online, we highly recommend you consider Reddit as a content marketing strategy. It’s another tool in your arsenal of social media services to help your brand.

Your social media services team should be aware of the impact Reddit can have on your brand. As a social networking site, Reddit has uniquely positioned itself as a place where like-minded souls can discuss a plethora of topics. Content is posted on a discussion board by individual users, also known as Redditors. Each piece of content has the ability to be upvoted or downvoted by other Redditors. When either a Reddit or sub-Reddit page receives enough upvotes, it is moved to the front page of Reddit. Doesn’t this sound like something your social media services team should be doing?

Obtaining a coveted spot on Reddit’s “Hot” page results in a major increase of traffic to your topic. Thus, your goal is to make to the “Hot” page.

But how do you make that happen?

Like most social networking sites, Redditors don’t appreciate being marketed to. Savvy brands understand this and adjust their content marketing plan accordingly. We’ve provided you with a few suggestions to get you started.

#1: Utilize the Power of an Interview

Within every industry, there is a number of experts you can call upon to present their wisdom. Some of these experts have even gained celebrity status. When you’re just starting out, it’s unlikely you’ll be booking the superstars of your chosen field. However, there are many lesser-known experts who will be willing to help you and still offer great value.

Begin by looking for industry experts within your community. Each interviewee should be knowledgeable as well as personable.

#2: Inspire Redditors to Submit Content

Find a way to not only ask, but also inspire, other Redditors to submit comments and images surrounding your topic. This works best when you offer something in return. As an example, you can create a sub-Reddit for “Trending Hairstyles”. Within that sub-Reddit, you can request that users present images of hairstyles, whereby you agree to highlight the worthiest submission.

This provides YOU with a ton of engagement and gives your fellow Redditors a sense of ownership within the community. It also encourages further collaboration, and may even give rise to a few brand advocates. Reddit as a content marketing strategy is a way to communicate with clients or customers.

#3: Concentrate on Customer Service

As your brand becomes well-known, people will naturally have more questions about your products and services. Thus, many brands find it helpful to offer various online customer service options in addition to utilizing a call center. Using sub-Reddits for customer service issues is one lesser-known way to stay connected with existing customers, and offers plenty of opportunities for your brand to make a mark!

The key to this strategy is the format. Make sure to distinctly state the purpose of your sub-Reddit and always include instructions for how to get help for each type of problem. Whenever possible, include links to additional information that may be of help to your customers.

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