Using Schema Markup for SEO

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Schema markup is a new type of website optimization. It has been under utilized in the past because it is highly underrated. Our humble opinion here at Venerate Media Group, is that schema markup is one of the most powerful and successful methods on the market. Luckily, you do not need to learn new coding skills, you just have to learn how to use the schema markup. We have put together a quick guide to help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Schema markup is a code that you input into your website to help the search engines return relevant results for users. This code allows the search engines to understand what your data means, rather than just understanding the words used. This helps the content get indexed and returned in a way that helps your website. For instance, we can adjust the schema markup to understand that Venerate Media Group is the name of our business, not just a string of random words. By teaching the schema markup our business title, the search engines will provide better results.

Here’s how to use Schema Markup:-

  1. Visit Google’s structured data markup helper.
  2. Choose the type of data you plan to markup. You’ll notice that many options are listed. Select the one that most closely matches your content.
  3. Copy and Paste the URL of the webpage or article that you would like to markup.
  4. Click “start tagging.”
  5. Highlight the elements from your document and select the type of elements that need to be marked up. For instance, you can highlight the title of the document and select “name”.
  6. Continue doing this throughout the document.
  7. Once you have completed this, create the HTML by clicking “Create HTML”.
  8. Add schema markup to your webpage. One way to do this is to download the newly generated HTML file and copy and paste it into your source code.
  9. Click “Finish”.

If you still need help using schema markup to rank higher on SERPs, let us know. We have a team of SEO experts in Tampa at Venerate Media Group who can increase your rank.