Using Snapchat for Business

//Using Snapchat for Business

Using Snapchat for Business

Snapchat can be used for more than just selfies with the dog filter. It can be used to connect with your followers. It’s a powerful tool in your arsenal of social media services. Use Snapchat to engage followers, boost brand awareness, and build a loyal group of followers. Check out some of the ways you can use social media services to promote your brand through Snapchat.

Share Promo Codes
Use Snapchat to share promo codes. The nature of Snapchat basically encourages this type of marketing. Post a story with a promo code blitz that ends in 24 hours. See how people will snatch them up and use them. Also encourage customers to send snaps of themselves with your product to your account to receive a time sensitive coupon. Engage with your followers and let them have fun. Take full advantage of the power of social media services!

VIP Access
Use Snapchat to provide VIP access and a look behind the scenes. Watch in real time as people post an event and show you an exclusive look. It’s a fun way to let your followers in on the fun and to see things that they may otherwise not get a chance to do.

Followers Spotlight
Use Snapchat as a platform to showcase your followers as well. Show them with your product or how much they love and use it. Engage, engage, and engage! Have your followers involved in creating content. Include giveaways and promotions and you can see your follower numbers go up.

Those are just some ways to harness the power of Snapchat. Here are some other important tactics to employ as well:

Snapchat is a great platform to show your brand’s real side. BE AUTHENTIC, it’s essential for this type of social media platform.
Use Snapchat’s ephemeral nature to your advantage. Run limited time promos to get your followers excited.
Know your audience. This is important so that you can connect with them. Remember, you have just seconds to make a good impression.

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