Using Social Media to Tap the Millennial Market

Connecting the community, as influencers.

There are a lot of news stories circulating today about Millennials. The term encompasses a wide range of people born between 1980 and 2000. They’re a market that’s rising in prominence, and tapping into their resources could help to make your business a success. Intersecting with this market is the relatively new tool of social media and it’s services. But how can you make sure your social media service efforts are being seen and receiving a response? Here are a few suggestions and ways to use social media to tap the millennial market that you can try to make sure that your efforts aren’t for nothing.

One important reason to reach out to Millennials through social media services is that studies show that Millennials are largely digital shoppers. Because Millennials make up about 25% of the world’s population, this is a large chunk of the world who do most of their shopping online. Since it’s safe to say that this demographic is already online anyway, it only makes sense to target marketing efforts on an already online segment of the population.

So how to market to Millennials, how can you craft a marketing message that they will respond to? Well, studies show that most Millennial consumers are resistant to targeted marketing, meaning traditional advertisements. The upside to this is that they respond better to indirect advertisements—things like clever tweets and Instagram posts are likely to be shared among Millennials, thereby increasing the viewership of such marketing efforts. Millennials prefer to share with their friends, so it’s important to create content that is clever and easily shareable.  But, what does this also mean? It means that if your company is to be successful at marketing your product or service to Millennials, quality content and engagement will win over clever traditional marketing tactics any day.

None of this is to say that traditional marketing tactics aren’t a successful way to target Millennials at all. This demographic, even though they will often skip ads when given the opportunity, will still pay attention to those tactics. It’s just that social media efforts are generally more effective ways to reach this audience. No matter what you try, though, because this is such an up-and-coming market segment, it’s important to try and reach them to ensure the success of your business. Keep some of this advice and information in your mind as you try to target your marketing efforts.

If you need help reaching to social media to tap the millennial market, feel free to contact us today! We will help your business using digital marketing for Millennials.