Using YouTube for Your Small Business

Connecting the community, as influencers.

People tend to forget that YouTube is a social media platform just like any other. Meaning, using YouTube can be used to help promote your small business on social media. Therefore, utilize this platform and make it a part of your social media services. Don’t be afraid to show the face of your business. Any good social media service will tell you the importance of having a human touch to your posts and business.

Using YouTube for your small business to promote brand visibility and credibility for your business with some of these tips.

Consistent Content
If you look at any popular YouTube channel, you will notice they all have something in common. That is that they put out content consistently. This means your business will have to put out videos often as well. Try posting webinars or infographic explainer videos to educate your viewers. Even demo your products if possible. Additionally, use the platform for everything from behind the scenes to interviews.

Call to Action
Make it easy for your views to contact you for more information. Have them subscribe, comment, or share your video on their networks. Have an idea of how you want them to reach out before posting the video.

Interact with your viewers. Respond to their comments and let them know you care. But be sincere. Having a robotic response to the comments can be more harmful than not even commenting.

Use keywords and search phrases to help describe what viewers are searching for. Remember Google owns YouTube so be sure to include descriptive titles.

Make sure to choose the right category and tags/keywords for your upload. YouTube suggestions could be helpful since it gives you a glimpse of what is most popular. Try to cast a wide net as well with your keywords.

Video Description
Keep the descriptions short but informative. Use keywords to describe your video and be sure to include a link to your business. After all we are trying to promote your brand!

Increase business credibility and trustworthiness by posting customer testimonials. Let your viewers know that people actually use your product and that they love it.

Adding subtitles to your video might be something you never thought of. But, it could be a really important one. They are easy for the viewer to turn on and off. They also will be much appreciated to hearing impaired users or people who speak English as a second language. However, shy away from using annotations as these pop ups tend to annoy viewers.

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