4 Ways To Market Your Business On Snapchat

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Whether you’ve realized it or not – Snapchat’s no longer just for the cool kids. Though only a few years old, Snapchat now boasts more users than Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn. The growing popularity of Snapchat has resulted in an estimated 2.5 billion snaps sent out worldwide each day. But how do you tap into this still relatively unknown market? How to market your business on Snapchat? Using the following four ways, you’ll be able to market your product or service on Snapchat!

#1: Host a contest.

How to promote business on Snapchat? Easy! People have always loved anything free. Since we don’t see this fact changing anytime soon, why not take advantage of it? The key is to give away an item which is relevant to your business AND which your customer would be happy to receive. As for the contest itself, successful strategies include asking users to send snaps of their visit to your retail location, a product endorsement or even a declaration of why they love your brand.

Remember, snaps only last 24 hours. Whenever running a contest on Snapchat, it’s wise to send out at least one snap per day to ensure your message gets in front of as many people as possible.

#2: Find a partner.

One of the best ways to market your business on Snapchat is by teaming up with the right partner. Don’t choose just anyone. Instead, consider which businesses complement your own. Then go a step further to identify the personality traits of a business partner which would best balance your business qualities. Next, look for locals who fit your chosen criteria. Once you’ve found a partner, your marketing possibilities increase exponentially! What they say is true – you accomplish more as a team than you do as an individual.

#3: Do a demonstration (or sneak preview).

This strategy works especially well for complicated products yet it can be used for any type of product – as long as it makes sense. For example, products that can’t be demonstrated can still be shown in a “sneak preview” format. Both images and videos work well to create an early buzz about your product.

#4: Utilize Snapchat Advertising.

It’s true that you get what you pay for! For advertising, Snapchat has a few different options to choose from. The first option is a 10-second video known as a Snap Ad. With this type of ad, you have the choice to add an interactive component, direct viewers to another website or send them to an app to download.

Sponsored Lenses are another advertising possibility. World Lenses are a brand-new addition which augmented reality by transforming a user’s environment into interactive video filled with suspended objects. Targeted Lenses have been around for some time, but have recently received an update. They now work similarly to World Lenses but are limited by demographics and geographic location.

Snapchat also offers Smart Geofilters which have also evolved over time. In addition to offering static images and superimposed visuals, you can also create branded geofilters.

We’ve given you several ways to market your business on Snapchat – now the rest is up to you! Pick one or two strategies to start with, and build from there.

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