Different Ways to Distribute Your Content

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social media services are great, and your Tampa business can definitely use them as a tool to grow business. In terms of distributing content, especially if you’re reliant on content marketing strategies, should social media services be the only tool your Tampa business uses? Common sense should tell you no. Diversification makes much more sense, as it can get your message through as many different channels as possible. Here are a few ways to diversify the way you distribute your messages because remember: content distribution is extremely important.

One of the more outside-the-box solutions to bring your message beyond social media services is to write a guest blog. This will require some finesse, however. A blog that’s written like advertising is less likely to be shared by the blog that you’re submitting to, and less likely to be accepted by the readers of the blog. Make sure that your guest post is written in a way that is beneficial to not only your brand but also to the blog you’re working with. Blog content distribution is always a plus.

Another way to boost the reach of your Tampa business’s content beyond social media services is to consider email marketing. This channel starts with personalized emails but extends to linking through follow-up emails. If you can pare your email list down to the clientele that will most benefit from your content and write each one a personalized message, they’re more likely to read and respond to what you share. When your content is designed to be educational and answer questions about your brand, using a link to it in follow-up emails can help smooth the sales process and ensure people will read your content, too. Finally, consider suggesting that your salespeople embed links to your pieces of content in their email signatures. This ensures that your clients will see the link any time they interact with your staff via email.

Finally, consider linking your content in your job postings. Prospective employees generally do research on your company as part of the application process, and including links to company-created content not only provides them with more information that they’re likely to click on, it also ensures that your content is seen and increases the likelihood that it will be shared.

There’s no one right way to distribute content, but with some of these suggestions, you have a higher chance of making sure that your content can be seen by the right people.