4 Ways to Expand Your Social Media Presence

Connecting the community, as influencers.

It is important to always be building social media presence. Using social media services to grow and generate more leads is a must. The more people you engage and the more followers you acquire, the more people you can reach. Also when it comes to social media services, you need to be involved in all aspects. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+ are just a few social media platforms where you need to have a presence.

Below are 4 ways to help boost social media presence and expand your reach with effective social media service tips.

1. Find your voice and be consistent

The tone is really important. Your voice helps build followers and relationships. If it sounds familiar and real, your followers will trust you. Your voice can be anything but make sure it’s an extension of you in some form or another.

Make sure it’s consistent so that followers know it’s you across all your social media channels. Also make sure to post consistently so that your followers see the time, effort, and care you put into your content.

2. Engage with your audience

Every post doesn’t need to be a conversation, but social interaction with your followers is a must. If you engage your audience, you can grow and bring in more followers. This then increases your visibility and can even lead to followers mentioning you elsewhere.

Also, don’t balk when an issue is publicly presented to you. Instead, use this opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s human touch.  You can even share links to your website to drive traffic and boost your SEO rankings.

3. Visuals

Image-based social networks are all the rage. We have shifted from a “tell” to “show” mindset. Users are going to want visual content that they can engage with. So, if possible, use visuals to share your content. This will then get shared by your followers and therefore increases your visibility and social media footprint.

4. Personality

Social media is all about connecting with people. Faceless brands and corporations have given way to the personal touch. The human connection provides a great opportunity to build trusting relationships. Brands that offer their audiences something new and personal, helps to differentiate them from the competition. As these interactions grow, the relationships grow with them.

Managing your social media presence is crucial so make sure to follow these four steps to increasing your social media ranking! Join the conversation by tweeting us @VeniDigiMedia!