How To Make a Webinar That Works?

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If you are asking yourself whether webinar are dead in 2019 and if it’s worth organizing them, the answer is yes-it absolutely is. There are a lot of marketing leaders who list webinars as one of the best ways to generate top-quality leads for businesses. It’s definitely true that people are still watching webinars, and they are used by companies to grow their lists and sell their products and services.

How to make a webinar?

Since we’ve already stated that webinars still work in 2019, check out the following steps and create an effective one.

Content is important

First of all, you need to align your marketing and sales strategy. If you have content that isn’t helping the sales conversations, then don’t expect to generate quality leads that will lead to sales.

The best and the easiest way to use webinars to generate leads is to ask the sales representatives what the webinar should be focused on. They will provide you with new content ideas that will be of use for your successful webinar.


Once you have the content ideas, your next task is to get the new webinar in front of many people. It’s vital that you build excitement and encourage engagement once the webinar is live.

One of the effective ways to do this is to try a co-marketing webinar. Our suggestion is to try working with another company that has a similar buyer persona, as this will give you the opportunity to bring your webinar in front of another company’s established audience.

Next, you can create an email reminder for all the sales reps in the team, as well as send them to prospects that have been invited to your webinar but haven’t registered yet. Another thing you can do is to create an email that each sales rep can send on their own in their one-on-one communication with prospects.

In order to help sales reps, you can create an automated email that notifies them when someone has registered for your webinar. This way they can closer engage with them.

Also, it’s very important that you send reminder emails to your registrants the day before and day-of the live event to ensure a high live attendance rate.

Mix up the ways your information is presented

Apart from the format of slides with a person speaking on screen, you can also try the discussion-style webinars, which are quite engaging for the audience.

Another way for your important information to be presented is to build a webinar on your prospects’ questions. All of their questions will be answered live. It’s possible to use a landing page with a voting feature, so the people vote for the best questions to be answered during the webinar.

Deliver information to sales

Your webinar has ended, but that’s not the end of your work. Now you have to deliver the right information to the sales. We suggest that you create a hub where all the relevant info will be uploaded. You can upload recordings of webinars, calendar of past and upcoming webinars, promotional and follow-up emails, graphics and texts, etc.

Send your sales reps an email with the following information: leads who registered, leads who attended the webinar, the ones who registered but didn’t attend, leads who didn’t register, and any other relevant data.

Webinars are a great marketing and sales tool. Make your sales team know all the relevant information related to all the webinars you create. If you need more info regarding webinars, feel free to contact us at Venerate Media Group because we have experts who can help with all your digital marketing needs.