Every Business in 2021 needs a

Social Media Marketing Plan

What Social Media Platforms are Best for your Business?

  • Determine your target customers
  • Analyze existing traffic source
  • Figure out which social media platforms your competitors use
  • Determine which content your audience best responds to
    • Industry updates, company news
    • Video content
    • Image based content
    • Editorial content

Set your social media goals

Your Audience

Benefits of:

The Network Everyone’s On

Audience Engagement – Paid Media Channel

  • Low cost marketing strategy
  • Facebook Insights
    • Provides analytics from your page viewers and audience
  • Engage customers one-on-one
    • In return create long term relationships
  • Centralize your audience and drive traffic to your website
  • Keep up with trends and real time topics and issues
  • Target extremely effectively through Facebook advertising
  • Create word-of-mouth marketing

Benefits of:

The Network For Professionals

Paid Media Channel / Find Relevant Prospects

  • Target Any Industry
  • Get To Contact Those In Charge
    “This is going to be important when building a relationship with business owners and executives. It’s the most effective way to get past gatekeepers. It’s much easier than reaching out on FB Messenger.”
  • 41% of LinkedIn users earn a salary over $75,000

Connections are your currency

Connections are how you grow!

The more connections you have, the more reach your posts and content will have as your connections see your social media activity
As your following starts to grow so will your engagements and the more engagements you have the more your brand will be seen. Connections are free brand awareness!
But if you’re social media isn’t active or engaging, your audience will have no reason to stay connected so content is key!

Keep your content fresh and updated

Videos get more engagement than pictures and pictures more than text. Of course it’s best to try different content out to see which is best for your target market.
Audiences respond best to updated and fresh content, this means keeping up with real time issues and trends.
Fresh content means higher customer engagement. Old content means lower lead generations, and engagement.
It is best to send new content bi-weekly at the MINIMUM.

How do you get Connected?

Our digital marketing consultants will help figure out which strategies are best for your business.

From there you’ll have insight to:

Which type of content and paid ads are effective

  • Find your target demographic
  • How often to post
  • Example of budgets
  • And much more!