YouTube Marketing Tips For Non-Beginners

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When considering social media for your Tampa business, we recommend you take a look at YouTube. We love this platform because it’s become a powerhouse of music videos, unique shows and viral videos. Any type of business can successfully use YouTube to market their brand, you just need to know how to do it.

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Start by learning the best practices for marketing on YouTube. Then, take the following advice to heart.

#1: Go Unconventional

If you plan on posting boring or uninspired videos, you may as stop any social media efforts for your Tampa business now. YouTube has been around since 2005, boasting 300 hours of video uploaded every single minute. To succeed on this competitive platform, you need to offer viewers an original story or an interesting perspective.

Start with video topics that relate directly to your business, product or service – but don’t stop there. Continue thinking and break outside that box! The most creative ideas will be indirectly related to your offerings. Just remember not to stray too far off topic and always make sure your video somehow relates back to the idea, product or service you’re selling.

#2: Understand Your Viewer

As we touched on in the previous tip, the ultimate goal of YouTube marketing is to sell something – tangible or intangible. As such, one of the most vital pieces of information to gather from each YouTube viewer is where they are in the buying process. Many viewers who arrive on your YouTube channel will be in the research phase of the buying process, and not in a ready state for purchasing. It’s wise to remember this when choosing video topics and keywords to use.

In addition to targeting keywords around new information, remember to utilize your buyer persona. It will further help you narrow down your keyword list.

#3: Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Businesses forget that many fans will choose visit their YouTube channel after viewing their videos. Don’t be one of them!Use your YouTube channel as an opportunity to drive traffic to your website or other social media platforms by completing your profile. Take a moment to add up to four links in your banner header and always include a call to action.

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