Social Media – Your Key to Success

Connecting the community, as influencers.

As a digital marketer, you understand the importance social media has played in your digital marketing strategy. Social media is a great platform to reach a wide audience of your company’s potential customers. Through social media, you can interact with your fans and customers, monitor what is being said about your brand and market your business.

As a businessman, you understand the importance of social media marketing services. However, some people, whether it be your boss or family members may not understand the power social media has in the marketing world. They may ask: „What is a successful social media campaign?“ To help them understand just how essential social media can be to your marketing strategy, introduce them to DJ Khaled’s social media success story.

DJ Khaled was no stranger to success. Khaled began his career in music as a DJ for a Florida radio station. He started producing Hip Hop music and then, began releasing his own successful rap albums in 2006. He created great music played on the radio and in clubs all over the world. However, he didn’t hit peak popularity until late 2015.

On what seemed like a typical day, DJ Khaled was out jet-skiing. As the sun began to set, he realized he was lost on his way home. Rather than using his phone’s GPS system to navigate his way back to his house, he used the Snapchat app to share his story.

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, messages, and doodles. The app also has a “My Story” feature which allows users to share a slideshow of events they’ve recorded throughout the day. “My Story“lasts only 24 hours but has become wildly successful.

DJ Khaled’s jet ski “My Story” allowed his fans to see the “real” DJ Khaled- lost and afraid, not the polished Instagram version of himself. After millions of fans enjoyed watching his sincerity, Khaled began posting to his Snapchat “My Story” more often.

He began posting inspirational, honest and motivating posts. He’d give advice, claiming it was the “key to success.” His keys to success are very popular among Snapchat users.

His “key to success” stories on Snapchat have increased his popularity. By using Snapchat, DJ Khaled has made his name and his brand more well known than it ever was before. He paid homage to the social media platform by naming his newest album “Major Key” after his popular “key to success” Snapchat Stories.

The album was released on July 29, 2016, and it’s sure to be his most popular album yet- thanks to his successful social media campaign. You can use the services of Venerate Digital marketing agency to promote your brand all over the online world.

Social media has the power to increase your brand’s popularity and boost sales, the same way it did for DJ Khaled.