Social Media for your Restaurant – 3 tips to market your restaurant

Connecting the community, as influencers.

When it comes to running a restaurant, I think it’s safe to say that food is the crucial element that keeps everything in motion. With that said, in order to get people in the door to eat that food, you need to be marketing your restaurant. A great tool for doing just that is social media.

Here are a few things you can try out when it comes to using social media to market your eatery.

Be sure specific information is shared frequently

Have recurring posts that display the hours and address of the restaurant so that people don’t have any issues knowing when and where they can grab a bite at your place.

Contests and Customers Engagement

Get people to engage with your content by hosting some sort of contest. Some great ideas include:

  • Hashtag contest: Ask people to post a photo of their favorite meal with a particular hashtag related to the contest
  • Check In contest: Offer people something special for checking in when they come to your bistro
  • Photo contest: Ask people to share a photo of them at your restaurant and then pick the best one and offer them a prize.

* Be sure that you are staying up to date on different contest guidelines for social media*


People love seeing photos and videos of food. Lucky for restaurant owners, you have plenty of access to just that. Be sure you are constantly sharing photos and video of your food, drinks, desserts, restaurant, and employees.

Employee Appreciation

Let your customers know how much you appreciate your employees by giving them shout-outs on your social media accounts. This also helps people to see your restaurant on a personal level and feel like they already know the servers and bartenders before they have even been to your restaurant.

Always respond to your customers

People are going to have questions, or concerns, so be sure you show that you take those questions and concerns seriously by ALWAYS responding. Even when the questions or concerns could be negative. Show that you care about your customers and their experience at your restaurant.

Social Media Exclusives

Offer your social media fans exclusives only for them. This could be discount coupons, or buy one get one free offers, something that shows them the perks of being loyal to your business on social media. They’ll be likely to show their excitement with all of their other friends on social media, in turn creating more business for you.

Shoutout to other (non-competing) businesses

Be sure to give shoutouts to other companies, in the hopes that they will return the favor. This could be beer’s you have on tap, or local businesses that come to dine at your restaurant!