Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Department Makes Sense

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Should your business outsource its digital marketing to an outside agency or should you do it in-house? Many businesses face this question when determining how to best maximize on social media services. But, the reality is, for most small to medium businesses, it makes sense to outsource. By outsourcing your digital marketing department, your business can focus on generating income, while the agency can focus on getting you the social media services that you require in order to grow. Below, we will go over the cons of hiring an in-house digital marketing and why your business can benefit from our social media services.

Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Department

Cons of Using In-House
Chances are you won’t have an expansive digital marketing team that will have the skills you need. That’s because they are most likely at a digital marketing agency, are too expensive to hire, or generally difficult to find.

1. Time Factor
Using an internal team means there won’t be a lot of time, budget, or training. Your team won’t be able to adapt to ever changing trends and won’t be able to operate at their peak levels. They will be burdened with a heavy work load that won’t allow them to effectively deliver the results you need.

2. Direction
Hiring a team means you need to provide direction that can be quite involved. The learning curve associated with this is quite steep and takes up valuable resources that you may not be able to afford.

3. Cost
Again, the cost of hiring an in-house team is high. On top of base salaries, you need to pay for training, supervision, holidays, equipment, etc. That doesn’t even include the necessity to hire specialized positions for SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Pros to Using an Outsourced Agency
Using an outside agency will give you access to great talent for a lower cost. They will be up to date on the latest trends while also delivering you the results you need. They can also shift instantly, depending on your needs since their skills allow for it.

1. Specialized Roles
When you work with an agency, you already know that they have the expert team assembled. You pay for what you exactly need and don’t have to pay for what you don’t need/want. Plus, you get to tap into their reserves of specialized employees that deal with all the digital marketing tools.

2. Cost Effective
Your business will save money by outsourcing.  You won’t have to worry about salaries, training, benefits, or hidden costs. The cost will be based on YOUR needs and what your business needs. Another major bonus is that you will have a team dedicated to work on your projects, knowing they will get more done efficiently then if you were to hire in-house.

3. Measurable Success
When you outsource your digital marketing needs, you can easily gauge expected results. They are the pros and they have done this before. That means they know what they are doing, can do it quickly, and can do it effectively. That also means they can prove their ROI, which is something your business wants to know! This is an incredibly crucial area for your business that can help dictate budgeting and help focus on improving your digital marketing campaigns.

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